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Become a Restorative Practices Trainer

Experienced restorative practitioners who want a cost-effective way to implement IIRP curriculum and sustain the use of restorative practices in their school or organization may become an IIRP Restorative Practices Trainer. Once trained, participants will be able to provide the IIRP Curriculum to meet the needs of their organization. Participants will receive training curriculum, examples of how to deliver the materials online, professional development maps that include learning outcomes and objectives and support in creating modules with the curriculum if unable to deliver materials as suggested by the IIRP. The event will include conversations about integrating IIRP curriculum with other curriculum you are using.

You may become a Restorative Practices Trainer in the curriculum of the IIRP professional development events:

  1. Introduction to Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively
  2. Facilitating Restorative Conferences