Public Events

If you do not see a scheduled date for an event listed, please contact IIRP Canada at 416-571-8429 or email us today to learn about options for on-site training.

Event list

Basic Restorative Practices

During our flagship event, you will learn skills you can use immediately to strengthen relationships and respond to conflict in your classroom, community or organization.

Restorative Responses to Adversity and Trauma

Whether you work with youth living in poverty, families with broken relationships or older immigrants facing language barriers, you know that adversity can be as debilitating as extreme trauma. Learn techniques that can help you work with individuals and communities facing adversity or impacted by trauma.

Restorative Leadership Development: Authority with Grace

If you believe that engaging people produces the best results, this event with help you develop your own leadership style. The event is a highly participatory and engaging experience for managers, supervisors, teachers, parents or anyone in a position of responsibility or authority.

Facilitating Restorative Conferences (2 Days)

Effective responses to incidents of conflict, wrongdoing and harm are the hallmark of restorative practices. We dedicate two full days to teaching you how to facilitate a formal, scripted circle process to address racial incidents, bullying, vandalism and other serious infractions.