Restorative Youth *Coming soon

A Movement to Create Young Restorative Practitioners


For over a decade, The International Institute for Restorative Practices Canada (IIRP Canada) has been providing training for adults on the principles and skills of restorative practices.

The world needs to hear the voices of young people now more than ever…

The issues facing our young people, indeed our world, are more urgent and more complex than ever.  Amidst this chaos, the needs and voices of those most affected seem to be lost, unheard, or unnoticed. 

Imagine a world where, in moving forward, our young people, and future leaders, have the mindset and the skills to facilitate discussion, build community, and deal with harm and conflict in a meaningful and restorative manner.

Imagine young people having the greatest of opportunities to authentically attain outcomes in areas such as:

  • Effective communication 
  • Creative problem solving 
  • Building community
  • Creating safe and inclusive spaces for everyone
  • Promoting student/youth voice
  • Developing empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Honing leadership skills and abilities
  • Practising and learning about indigenous traditions from around the world
  • Facilitating crucial discussions in areas such as:
    • Racism
    • Pandemic issues
    • Mental health and wellness
    • LGTB issues
    • Truth and reconciliation
    • Building an inclusive community
    • Local issues


  • Fully virtual available
  • Flexible delivery timing
  • Programs available for:
    • Students grades 7 – 9
    • Students grades 10 – 12
    • Post secondary students

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